Byron Copy Center 
Hours of Operation:
 530 am - 730 am in office
        730 am - 8 am playground duty
      ~830 am ~ 930 am mail run (weather, load, amount dependent)
      ~930 am -11 am in office
        11 am - 12 pm playground duty
        12 pm - 2 pm in office

Copying requests may be sent to the Copy Center via:

There is a 4 day max turn-around for all copies! Copy requests will be processed in the order they are received. Inner school copy requests that leave your building after mail pick up time, may require a 5 day turn-around because they will not be received by the copy center until the following day! YOU are responsible for getting the requests to the copy center in a timely fashion! 
Please Note: You must include the following
information in your email to the Copy Center!

Other useful information
Post it notes tend to leave glue on the printer, which leaves lines on your copies.
Complete directions save time and re-copies.
Paper colors available on request.